CAMPAIGN 18, 2014

CAMPAIGN 18, 2014

Campaign 18 is online now and we are introducing our ALL NEW Fine Jewelry line! Avon’s stunning new jewelry has something for everyone from bold and modern to simple and classic. Avon has worked hard to bring to you the finest quality and the widest selection at an affordable price so you can find something to love. Watch the video Avon has up where you go behind the scenes of Avon’s jewelry .

Here’s all you have to shop from with Campaign 18:






Two Outlet flyers and 3 sales flyers where you can save up to 60% off while supplies last!!

end of summer sale








You can also sign up to receive email promotions whike you’re at the webstore.  Then you won’t miss sales or free shipping offers when you receive them right to your inbox! Don’t forget to check out Avon’s Exclusive Planet Spa which is online only!

Planat Spa










It’s all available at Happy Shopping!