Avon: A Legacy Of Empowering Women

There’s a reason why Avon has been around for 128 years! They keep getting it RIGHT! Have you taken a look at Avon lately?? Many things have changed, been added and even stayed the same over the years. Avon has always strived to keep their customers happy.

Another way this company keeps excelling at is keeping us Representatives happy! I love this company for so many reasons. First and foremost is the wonderful childhood memories I have of Avon. Now I’m helping others to make some wonderful memories. What this company stands for and what it represents is another point. You can’t go wrong with a company that gives as much as it receives.

The incentives, the training, the support, the FUN!! The challenge. The way it molds itself and fits into any lifestyle so that anyone can work Avon. This company puts a smile on my face every day of my life and that is no joke. I have RA and Fibro, so if I can be a successful Representative, so can you!

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