Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

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Hello Friends,

I hope that all of you who celebrate the holidays made some good memories! We celebrated our first Christmas with our first grandchild. Love being a Grandma!

You may have noticed the lack of posts lately. That’s due in part to the holidays, and in part the need to take time off and relax. With RA and Fibro, the need to take a day of rest becomes almost mandatory to recover from all the fun with family since the noise alone can become overwhelming. For those who also have RA and/or Fibro, I feel your pain! For those of you who don’t, count your blessings that you don’t! Thank God for Avon! One of the reasons I chose to work for myself. I have a very good boss who gives me the time I need and is very forgiving ~ lol! You can’t take the time you need when you need it when your time is someone elses’. A traditional job just would not cut it for me, and so I consider myself very blessed.

Another disadvantage to having RA/Fibro. Here’s a word that keeps coming10157345_624968854251140_200172243416479257_n to mind. IRONY. I bought myself the ANEW Age-Transforming 2-in-1 Compact Foundation and since I got it, the skin on my face has been hyper-sensitive, which means that I haven’t even had a chance to try it yet! LOL yep, an Avon Rep who at times can’t even try the products I sell. Oh well. Got something to look forward to, anyway. Makes for a good laugh too.

Always look for the positive and laugh. Makes for brighter, happier days!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, and after the new year, I will be posting more regularly. This week will be devoted to resting up and gearing up for a brand new year with lots of brand new opportunities and goodies to share!