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So you’ve joined Avon!


You’ve become your own business person with a company who has over 128 years of experience, and just keeps getting better.

First of all, watch the video to help you through getting started. You don’t necessarily need your kit to get yourself started! You have your web office and eStore to learn and personalize.

I highly recommend to all new representatives to take advantage of the training that Avon has for you. There is a wealth of information on your web office just waiting for you to tap. Also, there are many groups on Facebook to join to learn from some of the top Representatives in the business who love to share their tips and tricks.

Invest in your business. Wear and demo your Avon products! That way you can give potential customers your review based on your own experience with the products. Sounds so obvious, right? But on the other hand, sometimes it’s easy to overlook what’s right in front of you. I wear the clothes, carry the purses, totes, and bags we sell, wear the fragrances and makeup! My hubby calls me a walking advertisement ~ lol! Also wear Avon logo products. You can find them through Avon Advantage on your web office.

As mentioned in the video, your brochure is your store front. Take some with you everywhere you go. Ask to leave them at businesses such as doctor/dentist offices, hospital waiting rooms, post offices, your local community gathering place, beauty/hair/nail salons. If you have children in dance, karate, or any other activity, ask if you may leave your brochures there too. And don’t forget to include your website on your brochures! I like to make my own labels with all my info on them.

Invest in samples and carry them with you too ~ especially fragrance samples. Again, sounds obvious, right? But also, easily overlooked.

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Don’t be afraid to jump right into Leadership and start your own team! There has never been a better time to do this, either. Avon is revamping and improving our Leadership program! This is brand new news, so now is the perfect time to jump on board and start building your team and get in on the new incentives running now through Campaign 19. Then you’ll also be in on all the new and exciting changes coming to Leadership!

Feeling overwhelmed yet? It’s ok! Everything new is always a little overwhelming and scary. Just take a deep breath and decide on a place to start that makes sense for you. You are in charge of your business and how you run it! That’s the beauty of being an Avon Representative!