Crazy For Lipstick In Campaign 8!

Crazy For Lipstick In Campaign 8!

C8 starts now 1

It’s time for our CRAZY For Lipstick Sale!!! You’re going to LOVE this!!

c8 starts now 2

Yep, you read that right!! Pick out 5 of your fave lipsticks and you get ALL 5 FOR ONLY $20!!! Going on NOW on my eStore! And here’s a tip for you. If you want to stock up, but worried about buying so much at one time because of it “going bad” no need to sweat it!! Just put the extras to the back of your fridge!! Keeping them cool will make them last! So go right ahead and stock up with this awesome sale!! But wait, there’s MORE!!

Intro ultra color indulgence lip color

You’re going to LOVE this rich, smooth, and well, INDULGENT lipstick!

The colors are simply amazing, and the feel of it on your lips is quite simply addictive! Personally, I think it’s the best lipstick yet since it actually moisturizes your lips and leaves them in better condition from wearing it!

Oh yeah, I was so excited about the lipstick, I almost forgot about the rest of the books to shop from! LOL Here’s a picture of all there is to shop from on my eStore this campaign:

Campaign 8 books

And of course, there’s much more than just lipstick, but that’s for another post! 🙂 Browse my eStore for all the latest and greatest sales and specials. As always, there’s always something extra special on my eStore just for our eCustomers.

Happy Lipstick and more Shopping!