Join AVON & Get Your Fee Back ~ LAST DAY!!

Join AVON & Get Your Fee Back ~ LAST DAY!!


Today is your last day to take advantage of this amazing offer from AVON!!!

Join Avon today, place an order by May 5th, and Avon will give you your fee back!! So basically, you’re joining FOR FREE!  And with the new HIT100 incentive for new Representatives, there literally has been no better time to be an Avon Representative! What is the HIT100 incentive?? Well here’s a look!

Hit 100 Challenge 1

Hit 100 Challenge 2

Even if you have a couple of campaigns where you miss the $100 mark, as long as you submit a $100 order in your 5th campaign, you still qualify!!! This is your chance to join Avon and earn not just your regular commission from your sales, but also earn product & sample bundles, plus CASH!! Heck, I’d love to quit just to start all over again ~ LOL! Incentives like this weren’t available when I joined.


This is the company who INVENTED direct sales! And Avon WANTS you to be successful, so they provide the tools and training to give you what it takes and what you need to BE successful! We like to say, “You’re in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself.”

The website is ALWAYS free. There is no need to carry inventory unless you choose to. Sell online &/or face-to-face. And you have the opportunity to be in Leadership and build your own team! Earn trips, awards, incentives, and more.

Come start your own Beautiful Story and join Avon Today!

*The “Get Your Fee Back” offer expires midnight, 4/15/15