Avon Campaign 4 With NutraEffects

Avon Campaign 4 With NutraEffects

Our Campaign 4 is on my eStore now with the introduction of our brand new nutraeffects skincare line!

You’ve been asking for it and Avon has been listening!!! Avon has been working hard to bring only the best to you with this new line of skincare. It’s a first in that it’s Gluten-Free! Also important is the fact that it’s Paraben-Free, Dye-Free, hypoallergenic and suitable for anyone with sensitive skin. Now you can boost your skin’s natural beauty with chia seed. Touted as nature’s perfect, health-packed, powerhouse.

Fun Fact: Did you know that chia seeds can hold up to 12x it’s weight in moisture???!!

Look for the nutraeffects line to be added to the Avon Auto-Replenish in the near future!

Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is coming up!  The Valentine’s Day Boutique is now open on my eStore! From Red Hot to Darling, we’ve got you covered for your someone special.

Check out mark’s brand new, limited edition bath & body collection for Valentine’s Day.

Also online is our Avon Living Get Organized issue which is packed full of all kinds of goodies. Yes, I admit, I totally splurged!

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