Update On Coupon Codes

Update On Coupon Codes

New update to share with you all to be aware of when you’re shopping my eStore!

Codes WELCOME THANKYOU20 both have been reinstated for use on my eStore! Both codes are for 20% off your $50+ order, which includes free shipping. Both codes are one-time use codes, meaning if you’ve already used it, you cannot use it again.

PLEASE BE AWARE that now both codes have an expiration date.  The codes are a limited-time offer and available only through Campaign 8 (April 11, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. EST). So now is the time to go ahead and use them if you haven’t yet!SHOPRUNNER

Are you signed up for SHOPRUNNER?? Don’t even know what it is?? SHOPRUNNER is a membership service that provides free 2-day shipping from over 140 stores with more being added all the time. Most have no minimum purchase requirements. If they do, it’s usually only $25.

Go to SHOPRUNNER and sign up! It’s free for American Express card holders. For all others, you can sign up for their free 30-day trial. From there you can choose to continue your membership for $79 a year, or pay by the month @ $8.95.

You now have this option for Shoprunner when you click on it at checkout on my eStore!!

Shoprunner special offer with AVON

This offer requires a $65 purchase on my eStore to qualify. You must click on the Shoprunner icon at checkout.  Don’t wait!! This is a limited time offer!!

More information on the use of Shoprunner on my eStore:

  • A minimum purchase of $25 is required to use SHOPRUNNER at checkout on my eStore.
  • Once you sign up, and spend $25, you can check out with SHOPRUNNER and receive your order in just 2 (business) days!
  • No more waiting forever for your orders! Plus with SHOPRUNNER’s free return shipping policy, nothing out of pocket if you ever need to return something.

I think the best thing is that it works across so many stores and they keep adding more. Every time I look, the list gets bigger! So it’s a win-win all the way around for you because you can use it so many places besides Avon!

Rather have a book in your hands? Now you can!

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