Avon, The Time Is Now

Avon, The Time Is Now

So many people have wondered, “is Avon worth it?” The short answer? YES!!

Ok, I admit, in the past maybe for some it wasn’t so great. Those days are so over! Why, you ask? For starters, we are NEW AVON.

Ok, so what does New Avon mean? It means that we are no longer connected to Avon Global, traded on the stock market, and now a privately held company here in the U.S, Canada and Puerto Rico. For customers, that means that we’re not going anywhere and that this is now a company that actually listens to its customers. For instance, customers were upset when a popular perfume, Soft Musk was discontinued. New Avon heard that loud and clear. Soft Musk is now back in the fold. The kids bath line was discontinued. Guess what’s coming back early this summer? Yep, you guessed it, and better than ever!

AVON Being A Rep Has its Perks

For us Representatives, this means that changes happen and they happen fast! So much has changed in the last couple of years and even more changes are coming. And they are fantastic!! Some of the changes have been:

  • New commission earnings. Representatives now earn on every order starting on your very first $1.
  • Changes in Leadership, with more changes coming. Leaders earn more, starting with your very first team member, and earn on more generations. Bonuses are better too. (Leadership is signing people up under you and building a team)
  • Training has come a long way too with a brand new Avon U and Avon pulled out all stops to hire the best training team for all Representatives to have access to for Social Selling/Marketing online. And it’s all FREE!!
  • Incentives are better than ever and not out of reach for anyone anymore. I’ve heard many complaints from former Reps that they felt the incentives were unfair. Anyone would be hard-pressed to make that claim anymore. Yes I’m being brutally honest here. When I first joined, I looked at the Leadership levels and incentives and though they were out of reach myself. Not anymore! Especially since in the last 2 years, I’ve actually been earning some of those incentives.
  • Did you know that all Representatives have access to highly rated health, dental and vision insurance? Yes, really!
  • Repfest. What is that? Our yearly conference packed with training, information, and fun! Geared for us Representatives to celebrate us Representatives. And New Avon does its level best to make it affordable for all Representatives to attend. This year is in Columbus, Ohio with none other than Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank as keynote speaker and….wait for it….. RASCAL FLATTS!! That’s right! We’re getting a private concert with them!! Yes this girl right here is bouncing-off-the-walls excited over that! LOL
  • No parties required. Online or off. You want to throw one, though, go right ahead!
  • No inventory required. Good thing too since I don’t have room for that. (lol)
  • No quotas required. If you just want to be a personal shopper (meaning you opened an account just to buy for yourself and get the Rep discount) that’s ok! Of course if you want to earn the incentives, then yes of course you have to meet the requirements. And new Representatives have goals (quotas) for their first 7 Campaigns to meet their Kickstart requirements and get their bonuses, but it’s not required to keep your business and account open. All that is required to keep your account open is to place an order every 4 – 6 campaigns. In case you don’t know, a Campaign runs for 2 weeks.
  • Our website is FREE!! Many DS companies charge their Reps for a website. Not only is it free, but we have a brand new Avon Social platform to work your business better online that is also free.
  • Biggest bonus to signing up in my book? The family you gain by becoming a Representative. The support. It was totally unexpected by me and blew me away. And it only gets better every year. The bonds you end up having with other Representatives will last a lifetime. Such a blessing. And the very best perk in my opinion.

So, anything catch your interest? This is just a brief overview of some of the perks of being a Representative of Avon. So next question, signing up.

Signing up to join Avon is now all online. You get your choice of 3 kits.

new rep kits image 2018

All 3 kits have been recently upgraded too so these are brand new. Each kit is geared to get you off to a solid start with your Avon business, even the $25 kit, whether you’re in it just for fun or all in for a full-time job. Personally, I love the thought that has gone into these kits since when I joined, there was no samples, and extra books let alone full size products. Your kit will arrive within 5 – 7 days. In the meantime, you will have immediate access to your online eStore and can get that set up to start earning online! So yes, literally, you can start earning from day 1.

Interested? Go to https://lfranklin-laurie.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity to sign up! Welcome to Avon!

Just want to shop after reading all that? Hey, that’s all good too! Retail therapy is always good in my book! LOL

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Shipping is always free on orders of $40+ or $5.95 flat rate on orders below $40. 

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