Espira By Avon ~ An Overview

Espira By Avon ~ An Overview

Introducing Espira By Avon. Avon’s largest product launch in over 10 years! And it’s a health and wellness line, no less!

This post is to introduce you to Espira By Avon and give you an overview of the line. There will be more to come on each line and products in the line. 

Espira was created by leading nutrition-industry experts. Espira features custom formulations of natural whole foods and superfoods at levels that have been clinically researched to guarantee results you can see and feel. There is something for everyone in these product lines to meet your personal wellness needs. Here’s a video to introduce you and give you an overview.

So, why Espira? Espira is the only line of supplements you’ll find that supports your natural energy. Espira products use only the highest quality ingredients at clinically studied levels for maximum results. So what does clinically studied mean? That means that Espira is created exclusively for Avon by leading nutrition-industry experts and that each product features a custom formulation proven to work and supported by a money back guarantee. In layman’s terms, the clinically studied ingredients are known to have beneficial effects. And yes, you read that right. Money back guarantee. So what about the FDA? Yes they are regulated by the FDA. They don’t “approve” supplements, but the FDA does have regulations that have to be met.

Our Espira products are built around 3 core wellness needs:

  • BOOST to revitalize our body by maintaining a healthy metabolism, clearing your system out, and controlling your hunger.
  • GLOW to help your hair, skin and nails look and feel their best. Prevents daily damage and restores cells while you sleep.
  • RESTORE to get you back to a healthy balance by filling any nutritional gaps, reducing your stress and giving you restful sleep.

Espira is formulated for adults 18 years of age and older. The Boost and the Glow systems are both Gluten-free. Everything except the Plant Power Protein has a shelf life of 2 years. The Plant Power Protein has a shelf life of 3 years.

Our ingredients match extensive clinical research proven by science to bring you a complete program where you can see results that will change your life. Avon has put years of research into this line and is quite proud of the results and to bring this product to you, our valued customers. Avon has even designed a Vitamin Finder Quiz to help you choose the right supplements to fit your body’s needs.

Every product in the Espira line is available for Auto-Replenish too! You can save 10% on your $40+ subscription plus get free shipping. You can customize your order and get an email reminder before your product(s) ship. Takes the worry about running out and forgetting to reorder!

Introducing Espira Boost

Introducing Espira Glow

Introducing Espira Restore

In upcoming posts we’ll explore the 3 different lines so you can become familiar with each product. As always, you can contact me via my eStore with any questions. Avon has packed my eStore will tons of information on each product too, so you can explore all the information there too.

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