A Little About Me

A Little About Me


My given name is Laurel, but all my life I’ve been known by family and friends as Laurie. Believe it or not, not many of my family &/or friends even think, or sometimes even remember, that my given name is different! So, to make it easier for them to find me, I incorporated the “Laurie” into my URL for my Avon eStore. Maybe some of you will come to think of my more as “Laurie” rather than “Laurel” as we take this journey together. You just never know!

I graduated high school in 1984, so yes, that makes me old – lol. But young enough to still have fun and remember what it is anyway – haha. Yes, I have a sense of humor. It keeps me going. I have been married, victim  SURVIVOR of domestic abuse, divorced, and this time very happily married again. We met in 1992, and married in 1996 and have 4 children, 3 grown and gone and a high-school aged daughter, and now a granddaughter! Can I gush a moment and say I LOVE being a Grandma!!!

When our youngest daughter was 2 years old, I started having trouble with my joints swelling. Most especially my knees. Got to the point where I could not walk or drive or even sit with my knees bent they were so swollen. I was 34 years old and walking with a cane trying to keep up with a 2-year-old! Diagnosis ended up being Rheumatoid Arthritis or RA for short. Six months later I was back to walking and riding my bicycle again and enjoying life with my youngest until about 4 or 5 years ago when I suddenly starting having severe chest pains and couldn’t breath. Found out I was having a severe flare of not just RA but Fibromyalgia all throughout my ribcage. Great. Yet another obstacle to overcome. But hey, I like a challenge, right?!

Fast forward through a couple of years struggling to find something to do with my life beyond kids since my daughter is getting older and finding it just about impossible to work outside the home after being a stay-at-home-mom since my husband and I were married, and I stumbled upon an Avon ad browsing the internet one night. Sent an inquiry but never got a response from the rep with whom I put it in through. But the District Sales Manager did follow-up and I liked her right from the start. The rest, as they say, is history! Best thing I could have done! January 16, 2013 was the start of my Avon journey, and I’m loving every single minute of it!

Come follow me RA, Fibro, and all, on my Avon journey!

Laurel (Laurie) Franklin
Avon Independent Sales Representative
Email me at laurelfranklin16@gmail.com
eStore @ http://lfranklin-laurie.avonrepresentative.com



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