Deluxe Business Booster And New Hit 100 Incentive For New Reps

We’ve got tools to help you grow! New Representatives can order our $100 Deluxe Business Booster during their first three Campaigns. We’ve filled our classic tote with essential business tools and an assortment of our Customers favorites so you can show and tell your Avon business anywhere and everywhere. Here’s a list of what the kit […]

New Training For Representatives!

Avon Pathways is now Avon University! This teaching platform offers new Representatives an easy and dynamic method for skill building and growing your Avon business! Get started now and earn your Avon U badge of success! There is such a wealth of information, not only for new Reps, but ALL Reps! And Avon will be adding more […]


So you’ve joined Avon! CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve become your own business person with a company who has over 128 years of experience, and just keeps getting better. First of all, watch the video to help you through getting started. You don’t necessarily need your kit to get yourself started! You have your web office and eStore […]