How To Backorder Avon On My eStore

How To Backorder Avon On My eStore


Did you know that you can order up to TWO campaigns back right on my eStore? Each brochure is actually good for 6 weeks, not just 2! You can check the current campaign price, then go back two campaigns and check to see if it was on sale in previous campaigns. All you need is the product # or a brief description of the product. Here is the instructions on how you can do it:

  1. Log into my eStore,
  2. Click on SHOP NOW (under AVON, on the right side),
  3. At the TOP of the page, over the search box on the right-hand side, click on SHOP PRODUCT #

This will bring you to a page that you will be able to order from the current campaign and the previous two campaigns. Simply use the drop down menu (pink arrow) under “campaign” to go to the campaign you want to order from. NOTE: To shop by description on mobile, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

For example, if the campaign I am currently on is Campaign 3 and there is an item in the Campaign 2 (or Campaign 1) brochure you want, just use the drop down menu to change the campaign number to 2 (or 1). Enter the product # of the item you wish to order. When entering the product #, DO NOT include the dash. If you don’t have a product #, then enter a description.

Whether any items will be indicated as “must be delivered by representative” is hard to say as that is determined by Avon.

backordering from estore

Brochures are always available and always free! Just contact me via my eStore!

As Always, there is so much more than just a brochure on my eStore!

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