WE HAVE SOME VERY SPECIAL AND EXCITING NEWS TO SHARE WITH YOU!!! That’s right!! Avon will GIVE YOU BACK YOUR FEE!!! But you must join between April 1, 2015 and April 15, 2015 and place your first order by the required date to qualify for your fee to be reimbursed. There literally has been NO […]

Imagine The Possibilities ~ AVON

Imagine the possibilities. A future where you could have enough money, not only for what you need, but for what you want. Imagine your future exactly as you want it to be. Discover how the Avon Opportunity can guide you to your own Beautiful Story. When you join Avon, you’re in business FOR yourself, but […]

So, Why Join Avon?

So, I guarantee you’ve heard it before, right? And already, you’re hearing “Blah, Blah, Blah.” BUT, has anyone ever explained WHY?? And did you really LISTEN?? Here’s WHY in a nutshell: FREE website FREE training Low start-up fee at only $15 for basic kit. NO inventory/stock to carry NO parties required Flexible hours Work from […]

New Training For Representatives!

Avon Pathways is now Avon University! This teaching platform offers new Representatives an easy and dynamic method for skill building and growing your Avon business! Get started now and earn your Avon U badge of success! There is such a wealth of information, not only for new Reps, but ALL Reps! And Avon will be adding more […]


So you’ve joined Avon! CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve become your own business person with a company who has over 128 years of experience, and just keeps getting better. First of all, watch the video to help you through getting started. You don’t necessarily need your kit to get yourself started! You have your web office and eStore […]

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Happy New Year!

Hello Friends, I hope that all of you who celebrate the holidays made some good memories! We celebrated our first Christmas with our first grandchild. Love being a Grandma! You may have noticed the lack of posts lately. That’s due in part to the holidays, and in part the need to take time off and […]

AVON Named A Top 50 Global Green Brand For 2014

AVON Named A Top 50 Global Green Brand For 2014 For the fourth consecutive year, Avon has been named one of Interbrand’s “Best Global Green Brands.” The company ranked among the top 50 in the annual Interbrand report, which examines the gap between a corporation’s environmental practices and consumers’ perceptions of those practices. Staying True […]

Meet Avon Ambassador Marcela

Meet Avon Ambassador Marcela and go behind the scenes with her! You too, can get the look and make it beautiful ~ with AVON! Shop, or even become a Representative today! SHOP AVON ONLINE JOIN AVON ONLINE

Here’s a video that will give you all you need to know to get your Avon business off the ground Want to make an extra $200-$400 a month or more? All it takes to join Avon is just $15 and you are on your way to financial freedom, not to mention freedom to work ON […]