Avon ~ What's New With Brochures

Been wondering where our Avon Living magalogs or the mark By Avon magalogs went? Well they didn’t go far! Now Avon Living and mark By Avon is all in our main brochure!! No more having to have 3 books to browse through to see it all!! It’s all in one convenient book! I love that […]

Avon, The Time Is Now

So many people have wondered, “is Avon worth it?” The short answer? YES!! Ok, I admit, in the past maybe for some it wasn’t so great. Those days are so over! Why, you ask? For starters, we are NEW AVON. Ok, so what does New Avon mean? It means that we are no longer connected […]

Just Another Avon Monday...NoT...

So, yep. It’s Monday. And what a Monday it’s been!! And us Avon Reps here in Avon North America woke up to ongoing site maintaince on our back office that, of course, was supposed to be done yesterday. So, it’s been an interesting day, to say the least! Human nature at it’s best (or is […]

Join AVON & Get Your Fee Back ~ LAST DAY!!

Today is your last day to take advantage of this amazing offer from AVON!!! Join Avon today, place an order by May 5th, and Avon will give you your fee back!! So basically, you’re joining FOR FREE!  And with the new HIT100 incentive for new Representatives, there literally has been no better time to be […]

Imagine The Possibilities ~ AVON

Imagine the possibilities. A future where you could have enough money, not only for what you need, but for what you want. Imagine your future exactly as you want it to be. Discover how the Avon Opportunity can guide you to your own Beautiful Story. When you join Avon, you’re in business FOR yourself, but […]

What are you waiting for?? JOIN TODAY! Sign up right online and start selling in minutes.So many benefits and reasons to become an AVON Representative. Best of all, it really does fit into ANY lifestyle! It honestly doesn’t feel like a job and I love the stress-free days of not dealing with all that comes […]


Love sharing your “Beauty-full” story! With 5% Beauty Earnings Boost, new Representatives can increase their earnings by placing a order in their first 4 Campaigns. Learn how: http://lfranklin-laurie.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity/start. Only $15 to start. Free training. Free eStore to sell from. No stock to keep/carry. NO HIDDEN COST. Now is the perfect time to join and earn […]


There has never been a better time than now to join AVON!! And the timing couldn’t be better with the holidays coming up fast. HUGE new incentives, and earnings bonuses too! Such an exciting time to be a part of such an amazing company with amazing products! There’s a reason Avon has been around for […]

We are just full of special offers lately! Here’s another from now until Midnight 10/5/14! Not only will you get 20% off of your $50 order, it also qualifies for FREE shipping!! So what are you waiting for?? Start shopping my eStore now! Go to http://youravon.com/lfranklin-laurie, and enter code TRIPLEPLAY3 when prompted at checkout. While there, make […]


Sign up to receive FREE brochures and Outlet flyers right to your hands to browse at your leisure anytime! I’ve had many customers say that they don’t mind ordering online, but would prefer to look at an actual brochure instead of browsing online. To that end, I’ve engaged this company to make that possible for […]